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Michigan Ghost Towns Offers History, Spookiness

Credit: iStock

Anzhe Zhang

Michigan is widely considered, alongside California, Texas, and Ohio, as one of four most haunted states in the country, according to Ghosts of America, which reports that Michigan has the fourth highest number of ghost sightings of any state.

Needless to say, the most haunted state would also have some good ghost towns. Here are the best ghost towns to visit in Michigan, whether you’re a tourist or just a curious resident looking for some Halloween spirit this autumn. Ghost towns are a great way to experience history, especially as many structures left behind hail from another century altogether. Word of caution: as with all ghost towns, be sure to stay safe.

Allenville: a town founded in 1873 that began life as a railroad station.

Chase: always destined to be a ghost town, by 1872 this town had a total of ten families.

Felch: a vibrant town that met its end when the lumber in the area ran out.

Gibbs City: a ghost town that was abandoned after a 1921 fire.

Middleton: a ghost town with buildings from 1885.

Phoenix: this ghost town has exactly one store still open.

Sherman City: this ghost town’s only remaining feature is a church. The town was destroyed by a tornado in 1878.

Summit City: venture if you dare, this ghost town still has a few people living here.

Vansville: originally a miner’s town for the Cliff Mine, this town ended on a whimper when the Cliff Mine shut down in 1873.